Total visibility & control of your IS for better responsiveness to threats.

Defensive Security Renseignement sur les Cybermenaces Gratuit

One single vulnerability is all an attacker need.

Offensive Security Renseignement sur les Cybermenaces Gratuit

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment.

Organizational Audit Renseignement sur les Cybermenaces Gratuit

There are only two types of companies:
Those that have been hacked, and those that will be.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Renseignement sur les Cybermenaces Gratuit

Over 15 years of experience in the field of information systems security.

BEGONIA GROUP is a Digital Services Company specialized in information security. The company carries out security audits on your infrastructure, to guarantee the best possible level of security.

It applies to all companies that store, handle, or transmit any type of data.

Founded in 2022, it’s a company with a human dimension of about twenty consultants, which favors quality and the relationship with its customers.

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Offensive Security
Offensive Security

As vulnerabilities that affect the technical configuration or internal litigious behavior give hackers the opportunity to compromise or steal your data, Offensive Security aims to attack its own information system to discover its weak points.

Defensive Security
Defensive Security

Defensive Security uses classic and proven defense methods and measures to protect companies from cyber threats and improve defense mechanisms.

Organizational Audit
Organizational Audit

The organizational and physical audit makes a complete first diagnosis of the ISS to identify malfunctions and various risks. The process starts with a gap analysis in order to identify maturity level and list of recommendations.

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